In the mid 1980’s when I was working with artists on musical projects, I heard a piece of music by Horatiu Radulescu called “Clepsydra”. This was my introduction to spectral music. Both the experience for the listener and the philosophy and scoring by the maker were profoundly interesting.

I devised a system using a limited number of pigments to cover a variety of colour scales that operated simultaneously at different levels.

The basis for the horizontal and vertical lines was provided by the superimposition of stencils made from highly detailed drawings of lavender: one of the frothing forms of foliage that I was working on in graphite pencil. Examples can be viewed under "Drawing".

While I had to use a calculator and ruler to map these lines (which I did not want to be subjectively made and distributed; I wanted the combined drawing itself to dictate the image) the intention was not to draw an equivalence between painting, music and mathematics.

More, it was to use arithmetical detail to split the common notion of the image and the spectrum from the inside out in order to produce effusive colour energy.

Although some spectral paintings are small, the ones on this site are 173 cm tall; the height of a human adult.

For those interested, there are several sites online nowadays describing the different sorts of spectral music. The best ones I have found, are those consisting of interviews with the practitioners, Tristan Murail, for example.